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Toward the Ark, 2021, Sumi-ink and coffee on canvas, 17.9x20.8 in. | 45.5x53 cm 


Tomo, born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1977, is an accomplished artist. Graduating from Daito Bunka University in 1999 with a BA in Chinese Literature and a teaching license in Japanese Language and Calligraphy, Tomo began teaching calligraphy classes in 2011. Notably, her artwork has been exhibited at Salon Art Shopping Paris (2021, 2022, Carrousel de Louvre), and she held a solo exhibition at Etienne Causans Gallery in 2022. She also participated in World Art Dubai (2022) and the group exhibition "JAPAN TIDE" at the National Museum of Singapore (2022). Tomo has upcoming exhibitions planned in Dubai and New York. 

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