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Jonathan Goodman (“Japan’s Anime Sweeping the World”) has long written about the art scene of New York. His primary area of expertise lies in East Asian art, with a notable emphasis on fostering collaborations and deep engagements with Japanese artists. His published appear in XIBT Magazine, frontera digital, Brooklyn Rail, WhiteHot Magazine, Tussle Magazine, Arte Fuse, and his interviews are featured in Sculpture Magazine.

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Kyoko Sato (Interview with Oscar Oiwa) has written for Art Review City, Shukan NY Seikatsu, Tagboat New York Standard, Gallery and ONBEAT. She founded the Asian Programming at WhiteBox,, and served as its director from 2018 to 2021. She is editor in chief and publisher of JAPAN CONTEMPORARIES.


Yusuke Wakata (JAPAN CONTEMPORARIES title design) is a Tokyo-based designer and artist. He earned his master's degree from Tokyo University of Arts before joining Hakuhodo ad agency. In 2021, he launched the Creative Lab CORNER. He's had solo show at WhiteBox NY and received the Grand Prizes from TOKYO MIDTOWN, Good Design Award and ACC. 


Jake Price (video, “Japan’s Anime Sweeping the World”) helped raise over ¥3,139,500 ($42,000) for tsunami victims in collaboration with Kodansha's 3/11 Photo Project. His immersive web documentary, "Unknown Spring," was awarded by the World Press Photo Foundation, and his documentary "The Invisible Season" premiered at the New York Film Festival. He contributes to National Geographic, The New Yorker, the BBC, and The New York Times.

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Joseph Ralph Fraia (Photo, "Interview with Oscar Oiwa") contributes to Livein Magazine and LMF Press, and his book 'Life is a Treasure Hunt' carries his unique insights. He finds artistic inspiration as a resident artist at Salmagundi Club NYC.

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