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Featured | Tenkuu

Tenkuu's artworks result from a unique collaboration of artificial materials, nature, and digital processes. His studio, nestled in Yamanashi prefecture and surrounded by mountains—including Fuji in the west, Yatsugatake in the north, and the Southern Japanese Alps in the south—provides the backdrop for his creative endeavors.

His exceptional talent enables him to discover captivating scenes or natural figures within stains on manmade materials. For instance, he photographed the top of a fire hydrant on the street, where the red paint was peeling off. From this image, he envisioned cherry blossoms, and using Adobe Photoshop, he transformed it into 'Cherry Blossom.' Similarly, 'Lain View' emerged from stains on a crash barrier, and 'Wave' from stains on a plastic board. Manmade materials undergo a natural process—exposed to rain, wind, dirt, snow—before Tenkuu uncovers images of flowers, oceans, mountains, and rivers. He then refines these discoveries with his digital tools, a process he aptly calls 'Tenkuu Magic,' resulting in the breathtaking scenery of Japan.JC

In a recent achievement, Tenkuu secured Second Runner-Up at Japan Contemporaries Series 3, a Juried Open Call curated by Motoichi Adachi and Kyoko Sato at Gallery Max SoHo, New York in 2023. His works were showcased at the Ruime Showroom in Het Center, Amsterdam, the Linda Farrell Gallery in Paris, O Museum in Tokyo, and The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo. Tenkuu, a graduate with a BFA in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan, received guidance from Jean-Marie Zacchi (b.1944), a distinguished French Post War and Contemporary artist and honorary president at The Salon de Paris.

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