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Featured | Takuya Shimosaka

Born in 1986, Takuya Shimosaka is an artist based in Fukuoka.Shimosaka, an experimental painter, liberates his spirit, listening to his inner voice—sometimes in the form of auditory hallucinations—while painting.

Gyoji Nomiyama (1920-2023), a painter and professor emeritus at Tokyo University of Arts, served as a source of inspiration for Shimosaka. Witnessing Nomiyama's liberating approach to painting encouraged Shimosaka to broaden his own artistic horizons. The creation of "Wire" exemplifies this newfound freedom, as Shimosaka employed red, blue, black, yellow, green, and orange hues to craft an abstract masterpiece.

Shimosaka is all about experimentation. In his pursuit, he ventured into rapid painting with his hand, resulting in "Free Mouth," where the quick strokes manifest in dynamic movements of black, blue, red, pink, and yellow lines. For "yurubird," he harnessed the power of Zbrush, the industry-standard digital sculpting software by Ofer Alon and Pixologic. Starting with a digital model, he boldly applied vivid oil colors, simultaneously constructing and deconstructing the digital foundation.

Working with oil, acrylic, and pen, he has showcased his creations in both France and Japan, participating in prestigious events such as the Festival d’Art sacré de Senlis and the Monster Exhibition 2019 in Paris. Shimosaka has garnered recognition in Japan, including the New Talent award from the Soki exhibition (Sokikai Association) in 2022, the Excellence Award from the All Japan Art Salon Painting Award Exhibition, and a 6th place in the ACT Art Award Exhibition in 2020. Further accolades include the Special Jury Award from the Independent Tokyo (Gallery Tagboat) and a 4th place at the Shibuya Hikarie Monster Exhibition in 2019. Shimosaka pursued his education in Space Design at Kyushu Sangyo University.

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