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Mari Ōkawa

Ōkawa was born in Tokyo in 1960 as the eldest daughter of Hajime Togashi (1930-1982), an internationally known abstract sculptor. She moved to Hiroshima after marrying and has been based there for 30 years. She has created numerous Japanese-style paintings and ink paintings, winning several prizes, including the grand prize in both the painting and design categories at the 60th Hiroshima Prefectural Art Exhibition.

Her artistic theme is "life force.” When she encounters a small and almost forgotten life, she is moved by the preciousness and power of that life. Drawing inspiration from the "great nature,” she expresses this emotion using “Sumi-ink.” Sumi ink is highly prized for its rich, deep black color and its ability to create a range of tones which result in deep spaces and a variety of expressions, which she aims to share with the world. She is dedicated to continually sharing "life force” with the world through her works.

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